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Join us on September 1, 2022

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Our Four Diamonds kids love being kids. Like Cheyenne, they enjoy playing all sorts of games, being with their friends, singing their favorite songs, watching their favorite movies, etc. Check out the ideas below and join in on their fun with your family and friends.

Create a silly challenge where you commit to doing something silly if you raise $500 – jump in a mud puddle, wax your legs, dye your hair a crazy color, or re-enact a scene from a movie.

Host a day of FUN where attendees must raise a certain amount to join in – kickball tournament, field day, cornhole tournament, basketball marathon, video game tournament, movie and game night.



Want to play freeze tag in September?

Join the challenge!


For questions about Play For The Kids, or to learn more about Four Diamonds get in touch with us! 

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