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Eat Like a Kid

Join us on September 1, 2022

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Many kids undergoing cancer treatment, just like Gus, have to change their diets and are unable to eat their favorite foods.  Check out the ideas below and enjoy your favorite foods with your favorite friends in honor of those that can’t right now.

Host an event and ask family and friends to make a donation to attend: pancake dinner, PB&J picnic lunch, or ice cream social.

Eating challenge: offer to eat something crazy for donations (i.e. I will each one pancake, spicy wing, etc. for every $20 I raise) or have an ice cream sundae challenge, where anyone who donates $20 gets to pick a topping/ingredient for the giant ice cream sundae you will eat on September 23rd.



Want to eat cheese curls in September?

Join the challenge!


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