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Playing Saves Lives!

Remember how much fun it was to be a kid? Riding bikes, eating popsicles, being with friends, swimming – all things that kids undergoing cancer treatment might miss out on. Help children fighting cancer right now by joining Play For The KidsTM. Because everybody deserves to be a kid, don’t they?

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Let’s Play

Join Four Diamonds supporters of all ages across the country to play like a kid and raise funds to benefit Four Diamonds.

Whether you host a fundraiser filled with fun and games or you support an existing team, you’ll make a difference in the lives of kids fighting cancer and their families. Rally your friends and family to support your fundraiser to have an even bigger impact. Your support will save lives and give hope to kids in our community and around the world. 

Play For The KidsTM culminates in celebration in September—Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


Together We've Raised

Together we can make a big impact for Four Diamonds families.

4,800+ families served 

100% patient bills covered 

90+ research professionals funded 

Noah's suggested activities

Host a Water Balloon Fundraiser

Every water balloon you throw, helps kids conquer cancer!

This is a great way to get outside and beat the heat. It's relatively easy to do and has the potential to raise a lot of funds and a lot of laughs. You could charge an admission fee or you could charge $1 per balloon. Set up a booth for registration and a separate booth where participants can learn more about Four Diamonds and Play For The Kids.

What do you need?

📍 a location that can be easily cleaned up
💯 a few hundred balloons
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 volunteers
💦 containers to hold the water balloons
📢 promote the event