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Our Inspiration

Everything we do is For The Kids® - for the kids who spent their childhood growing up in a hospital; for the kids who sacrificed their mobility or function to have a future; for the kids who lost their lives because the treatment was too harsh. We play to celebrate happiness, health and life. We play to honor the adversity each child has faced. We play so childhood is simply a time of exploration, growth, innocence and happiness.


Favorite activity: playing with water toys

At just 23 months old, Adley became lethargic, pale and simply "not herself". After a phone call to the pediatrician and a visit to the office for labs and tests, her family's lives were changed. Adley was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was rushed to Penn State Health Children's Hospital, and through the help of Four Diamonds, has transitioned through stages of treatment. She has just one year left of treatment until she can ring that victory bell! We play because toddlers should be exploring the world, not the inside of a hospital.

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