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Playing Saves Lives!

Remember how much fun it was to be a kid? Riding bikes, eating popsicles, being with friends, swimming – all things that kids undergoing cancer treatment might miss out on. This September, you can play to honor them. Because everybody deserves to be a kid, don’t they?

Let’s Play

Join Four Diamonds supporters of all ages, across the country, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September to play like a kid and raise funds to benefit Four Diamonds.

By joining Play For The Kids™, you are making a commitment to help conquer childhood cancer and giving hope to children and families everywhere. As you recruit others to join, raise funds and play, you are uniting with our dedicated Four Diamonds community to fundraise for pediatric cancer research and clinical trials to help save lives.

Together We've Raised

Choose a way to play

Together we can make a big impact for Four Diamond families

4,000+ families served 

100% patient bills covered 

90+ research professionals funded 

The heroes that inspire us


Forever remembered since April 10, 2020

Favorite activity: dancing
Heroic attribute: infectious smile

Lesenia was just five years old when she was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (B-cell ALL). In her short lifetime, she taught all that knew her acceptance, love and joy. This September, we play in memory of Lesenia and all the angels whose childhoods ended too soon.

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