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Play Your Way

Join us on May 9, 2023

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Childhood is a time of great opportunity that begins each person's unique life story. This is not different for our Four Diamonds kids. Cancer is a part of the beginning of their story, but it's not the plot. Who they are and the things they love mold them into the people they are going to be. Each person and the activities they enjoy are the things that set us all apart. So choose an activity that speaks to you. 

Enjoy your favorite things from your childhood or your kid’s favorite things to help raise money for kids undergoing treatment. Your PLAY will help them get to be kids again.

Host a pinewood derby event, have a bubble blowing contest, organize a scavenger hunt or whatever you can dream up. PLAY YOUR WAY and help conquer childhood cancer!

 Get Started Today!

For questions about Play For The Kids, or to learn more about Four Diamonds get in touch with us! 

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